Ask Luna #133

From: Randy

1. Do you know what the most common hybrid types that come from the different magical families?
2. Are there adept hybrids as well? If there are do you what the more common ones are?
3. Is the magic type illusion considered to be part of the Elemental Living or Universal families? For some reason I think it could be any of them. Can they use gate magic or does it vary mage to mage?
4. Are there any magic types that belong to all three families or is it just a matter of perspective? Do you know what the more controversial ones that defy easy classification?

1. Elemental mixes tend to be the most common. Storm (air/lightning), volcanic (fire/earth), weather (air/water), etc etc. You can’t really pick a most common type since no-one can agree on what the types are.

2. Kind of. If the type of magic you can use is an overlapping spell, you can call yourself a hybrid adept if you want. Actually, you can call yourself a hybrid adept anyway.

3. It gets classified as living, but some people would say it’s more of a universal type. They can’t use gate magic, in any case.

4. There aren’t any, but that’s really just because mages say there aren’t. You could say that illusion is sort of all three, and death mages have a lot of overlap too.

From: Brian

Do you know why Morden had Alex and Anne appointed to the Keepers and Healers Corps when for the most part they did nothing while they were there? It seems to me Morden could of had them do other things that were more effective, otherwise why would you waste highly competent mages?

Also when Morden was discussing Light Council politics he mentioned something called the Downs Stones do you know anything about what they are and what powers they might have?

Because they had to be appointed somewhere to justify their new positions as Morden’s aides. Yeah, the appointments made no sense, and yeah, they did nothing while they were there, but technically Morden had the authority and no-one could say anything because that was one of his rights as a sitting Council member. I suppose Morden could have appointed them somewhere more useful, but why would he care about making the Council run more efficiently? If he wanted them to do something he ordered them personally, he didn’t go through the Council.

And no, I have no clue about what the Downs Stones are or what they can do, due to not caring one way or the other. Sorry.

From: Sean

Hey Luna these are just a few loose end questions that I have been curious about and are unlikely to be brought up again.
1. How do you think Richard would of reacted when he came back, if Alex had joined up with Morden as an intelligence officer? Sorry if this is a foolish question, but do you think this would have affected his offer of Alex joining him again if he took up employment with another Dark Mage?
2. Do you know who the male and female that Rachel was talking about in Burned when she attacked Alex? I kinda of thought it would be Morden and Vihaela but I do not know why she would think that since Alex has had no ties with them at that point.
3. Do you know anything about the Birkstead position that Undaaris was being pressured about? It must of been important if it caused him to vote for Alex’s death sentence.

1. He’d probably have told him ‘congratulations’. I get the feeling Richard’s been wanting Alex back on his team for a while, so he’d have been just fine with getting back to find out Morden had done it already. Don’t know if it would have affected the details of the offer, but I’d guess he’d have done something similar sooner or later.

2. Which attack are we talking about again? Sorry, but Rachel’s tried to kill Alex so many times that I can’t keep track of which attack you’re talking about, much less any comments she made at the time. Given how nuts she is I’m not sure trying to make sense of what she says is the best of ideas anyway.

3. No. It was some political doodad that someone traded to Undaaris or for Undaaris or whatever. Honestly, we never had a reason to care.

From: Sam Richards

Hey Luna,

When Alex was working as an Aide on his first day he was pressured into influencing Morden’s vote for for a cushy ambassador position that had a lot of opportunity for corruption and every faction wanted their guy to get the job. They agreed on ceding the rights to the Downs Stones or something.

Anyway, recently Alex has been discussing the duties and rights of junior council members and says the that the main difference between the Junior and Senior members is that Senior members are voting members and Junior members are not.

Has Alex clarified the duties at all now that he has learned more about the sorts of things Morden was expected to do?

What’s with everyone’s fascination with the Downs Stones . . .

So there’s a big difference between how important your Council rank says you are, and how important you actually are. Officially, Morden was a relatively low-ranking member of the Council who, like you said, didn’t even get a vote. Unofficially, he was the only Dark mage on the Council, with a file stuffed with blackmail material and a bunch of contacts and allies that no-one else had. That made him way, way more important than just another Junior Councillor – he was probably more powerful than the rest of the Junior Council put together. The whole reason Alex has had so many problems since stepping into the job is that he has the notoriety that Morden had, but without the clout to back it up.

From: Sam

Luna, do you think its possible that one of the Senior Council is a figurehead for Talisid?

More interestingly, do you believe Talisid and Spire are actually the same person? As far as we know not many people have seen spire and he habitually abstains from voting.

First question: very very unlikely.

Second question: no chance at all. I don’t keep up with Light politics and even I’m sure of that.

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