Ask Luna #134

From: Warren

Are there any Junior Council members who have a significant role on the Council? I only ask because it seems that Alex is the only one on his branch who is helping out with the recent Light/Dark crisis, and before that Morden and Levistus seemed to be the only ones on the Junior Council who were actively engaged in events. Are they and Alex just exceptions to the rule or is there something else that is going on that I am missing?

They do things, just not things that you’ll see. Alex is really unusual in that he still kept going on on missions and raids even after being raised to the Council. Usually Junior and Senior Council are politicians and managers. They make decisions, but they don’t actually go into the field and carry them out.

Alex actually gets a lot of criticism from the rest of the Council for doing field work like this – they think it’s a distraction from running things (not that they want him running things). Though personally I think it’d do the Council good to go out and get their hands dirty a bit more.

From: Curtis

Okay so do you remember when Morden told Alex he would resume being Richard’s assistance or else? Well right after that Richard told Alex to become Morden’s aide, which seems to indicate there is some miscommunication going on. Now do you think could mean something or am I just splitting hairs here?

I had to read this question three times to figure out what you were trying to say.

Morden sent Alex to Richard, Richard sent Alex back to Morden. Kind of annoying, but not super significant as far as I can tell.

From: James

Hey Luna thanks for answering my question about Alex and Richard I just have a few follow ups.

1. Are the things Richard can do that pure diviners cannot the weird gating and black shield/ energy projections? Sorry if that was obvious but those were the only things I can think off that would be powers that diviners would not have unless I am missing something.

2. What are some other magic types that are a similar power set to diviners? I doubt this will help out with discovering what Richard’s is, I am just curious about skillsets that overlap with diviners.

3. Lastly do you think that the weird black shield Richard uses is an imbued item? For some reason it reminded me of Alex’s shield and mist cloak at the same time, if that makes sense.

Thanks for answering these have a great rest of your day!

1. Gating, shields, and energy projection are things that diviners are very definitely not supposed to be able to do, and they’re really good arguments against Richard being a diviner, full stop. Divination magic can’t directly affect the physical world at all.

2. Not many! Almost every magic type has some way of affecting the physical world around them. Chance and time both have overlaps, but they can do a lot more than just gather information. Honestly, the only other ones who are that limited are generally adepts.

3. It could be, but it’d have to be something really special. There are defensive imbued items out there, but they usually aren’t that powerful or versatile.

From: Michael

Do you think one of the reasons why Richard and Morden want Alex on their side is because he can do what goes against what his magic type is supposed to? Morden is a death mage but we rarely see him use it, most of the time he uses his mind/will or other non magical measures seems just as good at politics, if not better what mind mages on the council are. And since Richard is most likely not an Elementalist he most likely has adapted from whatever else his non-combat type is to be powerful enough to take down several Keeper strike teams. I am sure there are other more important reasons but do you think this could be one of them?

Indirectly . . . yeah, I do feel like that’s part of it. I think Richard and Morden seem to care a lot about resourcefulness, and that’s part of the reason that they’ve both sidelined their Chosen. They aren’t just looking for brute power, they want people who can do stuff that you wouldn’t expect from just looking at their magic type.

From: Thomas

1. Do you know what Dark Mage philosophy Chalice follows? She is hard to pin down I would almost say almost a Centrist but would that even make sense for Dark Mages?

2. If you had to guess what Dark Mage faction do you Alex would follow? Granted I think he is ultimately a Light Guardian/ Independent mage wants to be left alone, but I think what makes Alex unique is that he has a foothold in all of mage society even with the Dark mages.

3. So this is bizarre but do you think Richard follows what all of the Dark Mage factions believe in? I remember Alex saying something similar about it, and aside from the obvious unite the Light and Dark/control the Dark Mages and everyone else, he also seems to follow some code of honor since he rewards loyalty and seems to not hold grudges; be pretty accepting of other paths, and of course have no concern for others or who is hurt in his path for power. His mage name does have Dark with a H in it and while I don’t know what that letter stands for, he does seem to think he is a visionary/egomaniac.

1. She’s a Dark Independent. They’re the pure personal freedom, leave-me-alone type. Difference from actual Independents is that they don’t recognise the Council’s authority either, though the line between the two gets blurry.

2. Probably none of them. I think he got burned too hard to go down that route again. Though who knows . . .

3. From what Alex has told me, I think he’s the ‘pure’ Dark type – believes in power as the only objective reality. They vary a lot, but they all tend to not care very much about small stuff and they’re not super bothered about other paths or belief systems so long as they don’t conflict.

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