Personal Slowdowns

It’s been a while since I’ve put out a progress update, so I thought I’d give everyone some information about how things are going on the writing front.  Unfortunately, the news isn’t great – the current book’s a fair bit behind schedule.  

Now, when I say the current book, I don’t mean Alex Verus #10, Fallen.  All the work on that was finished a while ago and it’ll be coming out this September/October on schedule.  The book I’m working on right now is the penultimate book in the Alex Verus series, number 11, and while I’d been hoping to have it more than half done by this point, it’s only around the 10% mark.  There are various personal reasons for this, but they all come down to demands on my time and attention, and while I’m trying to work around them, at the moment my writing speed’s a fair bit lower than it has been.  

On the positive side, while the writing’s moving more slowly, it is still moving – it’s just that at the current rate, Alex Verus #11 is going to come out somewhere around autumn/winter 2020, when I’d been hoping for something more like summer.  So not the best news, but hopefully I’ll manage to speed things up a bit soon!

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5 Responses to Personal Slowdowns

  1. Bruce Donohue says:

    That is ok that Book 11 is taking time, at you aren’t slowed down like George Martin, lol. Maybe with the extra time you will have to to flesh things out even more than originally planned (like add many more pages, lol). Nothing wrong with that in my book. Regardless, I am already hooked and will look forward to reading it voraciously like I do all your Alex books. It will different know that this time though will be the last book in his adventures. You have done an amazing job throughout it all. I thank you so much, I have enjoyed them tremendously and you have taken us on a most pleasant ride of imagination.

  2. Atomica says:

    Look after yourself and take your time to write the book you want to write. I’ll be buying and reading it whenever it is published, and in the meantime looking forward to Fallen arriving later this year.

  3. Yana says:

    Being late doesn’t matter when we know it will be awesome in the end. Besides, I’ve been meaning to re-read the whole series from book 1 so this is the perfect opportunity. :}
    Look after yourself, keep calm and carry on!

  4. Jason says:

    Some things are worth the wait! = )

  5. Kevin says:

    Don’t worry about it a few months is not that big of a deal, the books have maintained a good quality and have gotten better with each installment. And who knows it might go quicker than you originally thought but regardless maintain whatever pace you want, and I am sure it will come out in due time.

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