Ask Luna #142

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hello Luna, I have another question (or two) for you.

You’ve stated that the Light Council have been a greater immediate threat to Alex and your group than Richard Drakh. Do you still believe that’s true?

Let me clarify that a bit. After the latest series of events it appears that for the first time in Alex’s life, and the first time for all of you, you’ve not only survived Richard Drakh’s machinations, you’ve defeated them. Congratulations by the way.

Have you, Varium, Anne or Alex mentioned the possibility that by thwarting Richard, you’ve now gone to the top of his “to do” list? I hate to be a dower by asking that question, but I think it’s one all of you should consider.

On an unrelated topic, it appears to me that Alex is becoming quite skilled in political maneuvering against older and more experienced opponents on the Junior Council. Aside from allowing Alex to dodge attempts on his life by Levistus, has Alex said if he enjoys being a politician?

Yes, the Council’s a bigger problem for us than Richard, and not just by a little, by a lot. I mean, count up the number of times one of us has been attacked on Council orders against the number of times one of us has been attacked on Richard’s orders. The biggest threat to us from Richard’s side of the fence is Deleo, and that’s because she specifically keeps DISOBEYING Richard’s orders to leave us alone. Yes, that might change, and yes, Richard is a problem for Alex especially, but that’s a future problem and the Council is a now problem.

Re: Alex being a politician, he’s got mixed feelings. He’s gotten pretty good at the maneuvering part, and he likes being able to see those kinds of threats coming and defend himself. But I think all the lies and double meanings have been wearing him down. He can never really relax at the War Rooms, the only times he can do that is with us.

From: Liam

The way I’ve heard scrying described, a space mage opens a small portal and looks through it, which also allows the person they’re spying on to see them. Would it be possible to attack someone through one of these small portals by firing a gun into it?

Probably. I think normal scrying portals are meant to be only permeable to light, or something, but I’m sure you could make a mini-gate that would work the same way as a larger one. It’d be more obvious, though.

From: Dakota

Does Alex have mantis golems of his own? Or did Morden already “appropriate” them? Although Belthas wasn’t on the Council, he had enough influence to get some. On the other hand, it’s likely the Council doesn’t exactly want the Dark representative to have them.

There’s some kind of requisition system. And no, Morden never had any. The Council were unhappy enough with letting him on board, they absolutely weren’t signing over any golems to him.

From: Deborah

Do you think Alex’s hestitation with Anne is subconsciously based on richard’s warning about a dark mage having compassion

Hope not. I think it’s more to do with Alex being Alex.

From: Brenden

Hey Luna just have a few questions about the Light Council and the various factions.

1. This may be a moot question now, but how did the Unity Faction see/justify Dark Mages/True Path as two sides of the same coin for the Light Mages? I know that the world is not black or white, but in theory the Light Council is supposed to guide and protect humanity, while Dark Mages seem to think power is what power does. Even though quite a few Light Mages are power driven, they do it in a relatively organized fashion, while Dark Mages can barely get five people to work together at least usually. How there been arguments that can explain this or is this just a case of ignoring the obvious for the sake of believing in something on blind faith because you think the results are worth it?

2. I remember Talsid talking about how the Guardians and Directors historically do not get along and I suspect that has to with manipulating the normal population. Has there been any for lack of a better word moral reason that does not have to do with power that Directors would want to do this that would make sense from a Guardian perspective. With the Crusaders being one end of extremism it would make sense that the Directors would have at the other end of the spectrum some moral reason to do so, one would hope at least.

3. How do the Isolationist and Guardian factions get along? I have not heard them interacting much, unless Druss the Red is one, I thought he was a Guardian at first with his more hands on approach to things but apparently only Bahamus and Sal Sarque are the only ones on the Senior Council. Is this just a unique character trait of Druss the Red, or are Isolationists much more active then their titles would suggest?

This stuff is REALLY not my speciality, you know . . .

1. I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably something to do with how the higher you go in the Light Council, the more they drift towards Dark behaviour, while the more successful Dark mages seem to pick up bits of non-Dark behaviour when it comes to working together.

2. No clue. Sorry.

3. Druss and Bahamus are more Guardians, Sal Sarque’s more of a Crusader-type. I’m not sure there are any serious Isolationists on the Council, unless you count Spire. But I might be getting this wrong, I have trouble following it to be honest. Council politics are really damn complicated and everyone on the Senior Council has some sort of tie to pretty much every faction.

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