Ask Luna #143

From: Sierra

Hey Luna thanks for getting back to me with the question about Chance magic and kissing and I also wanted to say sorry about bringing up bad memories. When I said have you used kissing for bad luck I meant, for things like “Oh Natasha you are just adorable.” And then a waiter drops a tray on her and ruin her outfit and makeup. More mischief and less malice if that makes sense.

But not to waste your time I have a question about Sagash and his current apprentices at least when we last saw them. Sagash is a cliched evil/terrifying mage, his three apprentices well… they seem to be people you would meet on the subway or school. Why on earth would either side want anything to do with each other!? I could someone like Onyx, Tobruk, or Crystal being an apprentice under Sagash but those guys? Is there something I am missing here or is there more going on?

So the thing about being a Dark mage instead of a Light one – and the reason they get a lot more apprentices than you’d think – is that you don’t have to follow the rules. If you want to join the Light apprentice programme, you have to sit though tests and network and get high scores and spend a lot of time with adults who don’t treat you very well and who you don’t like very much. Basically, it’s like going to school. If you want to be a Dark apprentice, you have to find a Dark mage who’ll say yes, and that’s it. Sure, it’s dangerous, but for a lot of teenagers that’s a plus if anything.

It also gets around all the regular status ladders. With Dark mages, no-one cares if you’re the wrong class, or the wrong race, or were born to the wrong parents, or whatever. You could be a nobody for your whole life, but if you’re strong enough as a Dark mage, you can give orders to anyone and they have to deal with it. For some people, that’s a big deal.

From: Zen

Hey Luna!

Today, if you’re willing to humor me, I have 2 Theory/Questions, 1 political question, and 1 personal question.

So after spending the last week and a half reading rest of the “Ask Luna” entries, I’m pretty confident these two theories have not been addressed(but one was closely touched upon).

Regarding the Dreamstone: When Arachne first told Alex about them and what they can do, she segued into the topic by pointing out to Alex how adept he is at using Elsewhere compared to other mages. Part of her explanation is to point out that the way Imbued items influence their bearers is through Elsewhere.

In the most recent…incident…at Tiger’s Palace Alex demonstrated that with enough determination he can send thoughts/emotions directly at people via the Dreamstone even if he hasn’t practiced at linking with them previously(Landis, random Council security dude).

So my thought is this: do you think Alex would be able to disrupt/shut down (or maybe even subvert) the powers of Imbued items or foci being used by his enemies?

On a similar note, Shadow Realms are fairly closed tied to Elsewhere right? (I’d imagine so at least considering a Deep Shadow Realm is where Dreamstones are found). That being the case do you think the Dreamstone would grant Alex any additional power/control while in a Shadow Realm?

For the political question: I may have simply missed it when it happened(in which case I apologize) but how do Senior Councilors get their position? I know the Junior Council is appointed by the Senior, but how do those top seven get there? (I’m thinking of an interesting discussion Spire had with Alex…)

Finally;What’s your favorite anime? I’ve enjoyed your references to various shows throughout this column.

I appreciate your time!

Shutting down imbued or focus items sounds . . . I’m not sure. Imbued, maybe, but it’d take the form of talking them into it, I think. I’m not sure it’d work on focus items, they’re too simple.

As far as the dreamstone working in a shadow realm, you’re close, but off by a bit. It’s not shadow realms that it’s useful with.

Senior Council are appointed by other Senior Council, as far as I know.

As for favourite anime, hard to pick just one. I really liked the early seasons of Bleach (especially Rukia), though it went downhill once the Bounts showed up. Fruits Basket, too (the original, haven’t seen the remake). Full Metal Alchemist.

From: Aaron

1. Do you what part of India Chalice is from? Is her mage name a translation from English from her native language or do mages choose different names depending on what country they are in?

2. What did you think of Chalice saying you were not on the level of dark apprentices when you took your journeyman tests? I don’t believe she was belittling you or anything but at the time you could hold your own with Vari and he is a Keeper in the Order of the Shield I don’t think that younger dark mages could do that. In any event I think you would mope the floor with any Dark Apprentice especially if you didn’t fight fair.

3. On a different subject I have heard there are Independent Mages that can lean Light or Dark but do not fully commit to them. Is there any reason why they remain Independent when they could just join up with either of them?

1. She’s from Goa, though from a few things she’s said I think she might have lived in Delhi when she was young. She has an Indian mage name as well, but she chose Chalice when she graduated – it wasn’t a later translation or anything like that.

2. Oh, Chalice has a thing about Dark mages being superior. I used to think she knew something I didn’t, but now I just roll my eyes and don’t say anything – she’s a really good teacher, so it’s worth putting up with that sort of minor stuff. I think she’s got some past history on the whole subject (she seems to really have an issue with Light mages in particular), but I don’t know exactly what it is.

3. Same reason people don’t join any other group. They like the ideas, but they don’t want to pay the membership.

From: Anthony

1. So regarding Divination blocking/shrouding some diviners seem to have, do you know if this is skill that can be developed over time, or more of a just an innate talent sort of like how singing is for regular people if that makes sense? This seems like the only type of direct magic that a diviner can use even if it is on others divinations so I wonder if there are other obscure or lost to time divination skills like this? Perhaps that is how Alaundo can be good at predicting long term futures what do you think?

2. A change of subject but do you know of any common cross magical family hybrids? It seems obvious for the living and elemental families, life/death mind/charm, every combination you can imagine with the elementals, but are there some cross family combinations that are not obscure or a matter of opinion on how individual mages view their magic?

1. Good question, but I don’t know enough about divination to tell you. This is the sort of thing that only specialists know.

2. You get some kinds of life/elemental hybrids that focus on personal power and enhancement, and force hybrids are pretty common as well. Charm and mind and illusion and radiation/light/darkness magic show up in various blends.

From: Ted

Hello Luna, i was re-reading the series and i noticed no one mentioned Vari’s mage name. I was curious if he picked ne out yet. Also i noticed that the description of the third being in Deleo’s head is really similar to the quick peek Alex had of the Jinn in Anne’s Elsewhere. I was wondering if you guys considered that she might have a lesser Jinn running around in her head. Thank you for answering my questions.

Vari’s got a mage name, yup. We just never use it.

And yes. Good spot.

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  1. Al says:

    Hi Luna!

    Big fan of your whipwork! Apologies if I missed this in the archives, but if bringing Life mages along on operations is against Council policy (Burned, Chapter 12), how come she’s in the opening op in Chapter 2 of Fallen?

    P.S. You should totally dump Vari and get with me!

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