Release Notes & Upcoming AMA

The big news for this week is obviously Fallen being released yesterday, but here are some other bits and pieces.  

Fallen’s been getting a very positive reception – both the number of good reviews and the number of nice emails I’ve received have been higher than any previous book in the series (actually, much higher).  So thank you for those!  I’ve got a bit of an email backlog as a result, but I’ll try to respond when I can.  

Usually by the time a new book comes out, I’m busy finishing the old one, and that’s the case this time as well.  Alex Verus #11 (no title yet) is around 80% done, and I’ve just gotten into the final chapters.  It should be finished in another month and a half or so.  

For those of you who’ve finished Fallen and want to ask me some questions about it, I’ll be doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything next week, on r/fantasy.  AMAs are exactly what they sound like – you can ask me anything about the current book, the Alex Verus series as a whole, or whatever takes your fancy.  I’ll be starting the AMA on October 17th at 12 noon GMT, and I’ll finish at around October 18th at the same time.  That gives a 24 hour window to get your questions in.  If you want to read my previous Reddit AMAs, here are the ones I did in 2016, 2017, and 2018.  

And that’s about it.  See you next week!

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