Ask Luna #152

From: Kevin

1. Do you know what type of magic is used to create dispel focuses? Can any mage create them or are only specific ones who can do so?

2. I heard that life magic can be paired up with some elemental magic for personal power and enhancement. Do you know what those combinations are and how they would use it?

3. Kind of a silly question but have you ever seen/met a Light Mage who had Shadow/Darkness magic, or a Dark Mage who had Light/Brightness magic? If so do they have to deal with any stigma towards their magic and their mage philosophy?

1. As far as I know they’re just magic items. I don’t know if there’s some specific magic type you need.

2. Uh . . . the obvious ways? You aren’t seriously asking me to list every possible way of combining life and elemental magic, are you?

3. Yeah, actually. It’s kind of a running joke. They just got very unlucky with the naming system!

From: Aldo Salt

Hello, Luna! Long time fan, first time caller!

I had two questions I was hoping to throw your way:

1. Thus far in the saga of you and Alex Verus, we’ve witnessed three particular kinds of magic that deal with the “outcomes” of casual events in some way. There’s Alex’s Divination, which lets him view potential futures and the outcomes thereof. There’s the Chance Magic you and Chalice wield, which bends probability during chaotic events to produce the outcome you want. Lastly, there’s the Fateweaver artifact, which lets you pick a potential future and make it an inevitable outcome…a terrifyingly gamebreaking ability when combined with the ability to see the future.

Is there a functional difference between the Chance Magic of Chance Mages and the Fate magic of a Fateweaver? Has there ever been such a thing as “Human Fateweavers”, Mages who can outright bend fate to their will?

2. Have you or Alex ever considered organizing your own “Adept Defense League” as a real alternative to the organization Richard has co-opted? From what I’ve seen, the adepts of Britain do deserve a network that will actually support them and fight for their welfare…and Alex has been learning a lot recently about leadership and political organizing…

Hang in there, and stay safe!

1. This is actually something I’m kind of interested in, but it’s hard to figure out much about it. Fate magic does seem to do a lot of things that overlap really closely with what I can do, but I can’t actually ‘see’ it working, so I can’t figure out how it works or why. Which is kind of annoying to be honest. It would be really nice to be able to do some of those tricks . . . but maybe that’d take a full chance mage. I don’t know. Well, it’s probably not an option anyway, not as though I can really run experiments with Alex these days.

2. It was something Alex was thinking about in the old days, and he talked about it with me a few times. After the shop got burned down and he started having to work on the Council, he didn’t have time any more. But he left me his notes and a lot of contacts, so I’ve been starting to wonder if I should give it a try . . .

From: Hrok

Hi Luna,

I hope you are doing well (or at least as well as can be expected) given current events. I have three questions that I hope you can answer.

1. Do you or Alex know anything more about the summoning abilities of Jinn nobility? Given the fact that the mid-ranked jinn that Alex encountered at the facility was able to summon its former servants, I was wondering if the Jinn Sultan Richard was after would have the ability to control the rest of the species (including other high level Ifrits and Marids as well as the low ranked Jann). That would certainly explain why he would be so desperate to control it.

2. can you provide further clarification on Richard’s Jinn binding technique? Did he need the aid of Crystal and Vihaela to control the Jinn? From what I could understand it seemed like he was using the dreamstone to control the Jinn itself while Crystal was controlling Anne (how would full possession effect this? would Richard no longer need assistance to control the Jinn?)

3. Is the Jinn susceptible to the “Elsewhere transformative effect”? While I understand that trying to force changes on something that big would normally be suicidal could someone using Richard’s binding technique (or a Diviner altering the odds with a fateweaver…) gain full control over a Jinn by “reprograming” it?

Sorry for all the questions. I hope things improve in the near future.

I mean these are all pretty good questions, but honestly, if we understood jinn well enough to answer them, we probably wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

Jinn knowledge is really, really obscure. There were probably lots of mages who knew about it back during the wars, but that was a LONG time ago. These days the number one expert on jinn and jinn magic is Richard . . . who’s the whole reason we’ve got a jinn problem in the first place. So not exactly someone we can go to for help.

From: Brian

1. Have you heard of any time or space mages that are Dark Mages? Are there any magic types that seem to associate with one side or the other, or just be Independent?

2. It’s been mentioned several times that there is a rock-paper-scissors system of how elemental magic interacts with one another. Do you know the specifics of what elements are weaker or stronger against others. Does Force magic have any specific element type that it is weak against?

3. Do you what types of imbued items are there? Not like every single one but do they fall into families like magic types do?

1. Some, yeah.

2. I know a few of the specifics, but I’m not writing you a strategy guide if that’s what you’re asking.

3. They’re individuals, not families.

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