Ask Luna #153

Okay, scrolling down the list, we’ve got a whole ton of long multi-part questions this week, so these answers are going to have to be pretty short.

From: Kevin

1. I noticed that Richard retinue that Anne mentioned (until she took care of Crystal good riddance) seems to have two to three elementalists, one to two living mages if you count Vihaela and one universalist now that we know Richard is a diviner, which was exactly like Alex’s usual strike team when he was on the Council. Alex already used his own weaknesses to trick Richard into destroying his dreamstone are there any habits or traits that Alex can also exploit? Perhaps Richard’s bond with the jinn is similar to Alex’s fateweaver, that the more you use it the more it eats up your lifespan? I know Anne says that he has a body of someone in his thirties but like Arachne says power has a price.

2. Can Alex block Richard’s divination shrouding now that he has the fateweaver? Or can he develop divination skills that can stop that from happening now that he knows about it?

3. Is the fateweaver weaker or stronger or the same it has always been now that is seperated from the wand of Abithriax? Apparently the mind magic is gone but for some reason it seems more fluid than before if that makes sense?

4. Alex seems to be the perfect wielder of a fateweaver since he can predict a future before deciding it which seems to be the best mage type for it. My question is do you know how well if would work for other types of magic? I can’t imagine they would be able to use it as well unless the fateweaver can give them some form of divination? Is that the main reason why the users didn’t last so long?

1. Maybe?

2. Not really sure, honestly.

3. I’m not really sure how we’d test that.

4. No clue.

From: Adrian

Hey Luna hope you and the gang are holding up okay and I hope things work out, I know it seems like the world is dark place, but it is not all doom and gloom think of all of the good times you guys all have had and what kind of awesome people you became. Sorry if that was sappy just wanted to let you know that you have people thinking of you and who wish you nothing but the best.

Now to not waste your time I have a few questions.

1. Kinda of a minor and strange question but is Hermes on speaking terms with Alex? After everything that happened I would hope Hermes would still be his friendly self.

2. Remember when Rachel said that Alex has killed more people than most Dark Mages in their entire lives, something that Richard also said when he tried to get Alex to join him for the last time? I didn’t know why they would say something so similar because I don’t Richard talks to Rachel that much but then I noticed that they both had a jinn connection, although Richard seems to have gotten the better end of the deal. My question is do you think there is for lack of a better word spiritual connection between them that lets Rachel pick up on Richard’s thoughts? I get the feeling Richard wanted to control her as a prototype for the jinn with Anne but maybe like with him messing with Alex he underestimated the side effects of the process. What do you think?

3. What was up with that nonsense about Alex having 80 percent less enemies if he joined up with Richard? I can’t see how anyone on the Light Council lead by Levistus, not to mention Rachel or Onyx would have stopped going after Alex, I mean maybe Sagash, Crystal, and Jagadev, might and I mean might have left you all alone, but even
without Richard, Alex and Anne were handling them relatively okay. I know Richard is really dangerous but man I didn’t think he was that arrogant or delusional.

Thanks, I do appreciate it.

1. He is, actually. He seems a little bit more wary than he used to be, but he’s not actively avoiding him or anything. He doesn’t wake Alex up begging for breakfast any more, though.

2. That’s an odd thought. Maybe? Richard does seem to keep really close tabs on Rachel. But it could just be because they’ve spent a lot of time together. Not hard to imagine Rachel picking up on something Richard once said and acting like it was her idea.

3. No clue. You’d have to ask him.

From: Warren

Okay so do you know how Richard and Morden with only about 20 to 50 Dark Mages could/are taking on the entire British Light Council? I know they are incompetent but in sheer numbers they have about 200 Keepers, not to mention the retinue’s/security of every Light Council faction. I mean if they had their coalition in the hundreds sure I could see them giving trouble unless the war is more of an insurgency but even then I don’t see how they could do that much damage. Is Drakh’s cabal really that formidable or is there something else I am missing?

Short answer is adepts. Alex and I did our best to convince them not to, but an awful lot of adepts joined up with Richard and Morden. It’s kind of an obviously terrible idea, but I guess for some of them it felt like they didn’t have much to lose, and I do kind of know the feeling.

The adepts bulked up Richard’s numbers to the point where he was a serious threat. They couldn’t do much on their own, but with Richard’s mages leading them, that’s another story. It also kept the Keepers busy chasing down and interrogating every adept in Britain to see if they were working for Richard, and as you can probably guess, that didn’t do relations between adepts and the Council any good at all.

From: Timothy

1. Do you know if water magic has any other combat applications than disintegration magic? Can they do anything else aside from combat I don’t think I have seen them do much else but then again we have only seen Deleo and she might not be the best example all things considering.

2. Have you heard of a posion/acid magic type, or would they fall under life/death/ or water magic?

3. Have you heard or seen of any other types of dreamstones, such as do different abilities have different colors, aside from the violet or purple we have seen like red, blue, green etc…

1. Yeah, they can do hydroblast attacks and use water pressure to cut or punch through things. Disintegration is their big nasty spell though.

2. There isn’t a poison type. Mages aren’t Pokemon.

3. Given that I didn’t even know dreamstones existed before then, no, I haven’t seen any others. I don’t think they’re colour-coded, either.

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