Ask Luna #154

From: Kevin

1. Do you think the Shireen in Rachel’s head is somehow a jinn or a jinn related creature? I only ask because you think Rachel would have some jinn abilities even minor ones but apparently she just got the harvest induced insanity. I almost thought Richard was using it to control her but as recent events has shown he did not, so do you the jinn is weakened and Shireen somehow got connected to it?

2. Why would killing Onyx be of that much consequence? No one seemed to care that much about him since his mansion was intact unlike the other Dark Mages, Morden hadn’t reclaimed it, and Onyx seemed to have only adepts and one other Dark mage on his side. Was Onyx more connected than it appeared or is it something else?

3. Do you think Alex/the Fateweaver can work on jinn or wish magic in general? For some reason it seems like it is designed to counter wish magic, perhaps that is the reason they were created to use against the Jinn. Now that Alex took out Richard’s dreamstone perhaps he can do the same with his jinn whatever class it is with his fate magic.

1. Pretty sure she and the jinn are separate. And I wouldn’t be so sure that Rachel hasn’t got any jinn abilities. She seems to be able to pull off a lot of stuff that more powerful mages can’t.

2. Killing anyone has consequences, especially someone important. This isn’t Skyrim, you can’t just stab someone to death and expect nothing to change.

3. Uh . . . maybe? Not sure how I’d be expected to know that one.

From: Charles

1. What has the Light Council Reaction been to Alex getting the fateweaver? Do they think he works for Richard or are they aware he is his own agent? Does Richard know that Alex has the fateweaver as well?

2. Has Alex let the mage world know Richard is a diviner?

3. Do you think Alex with the fateweaver is stronger than Richard with his jinn? Obviously Richard is very dangerous but do you think Alex has an edge on him with magical/imbued items?

4. Do you think Richard has an imbued item that lets him control his jinn or is it just his own will and/or ritual/charm/binding magic?

1. They don’t know, and for obvious reasons he hasn’t gone out of his way to tell them.

2. No.

3. I dunno, Google the odds on the betting markets.

4. Maybe.

From: Kevin

1. Do you think regular gating is connected to Elsewhere?

2. Arachne mentioned that Elsewhere could be used for combat, how would that work? Is this only in Elsewhere or could it transition to our reality?

3. How you found a new use for the cube after it completed it’s function for the fateweaver? Can imbued items in general change or evolve from it’s original function?

1. Not really, no.

2. No clue.

3. Not yet.

From: John Jones

Does anyone else read or pronounce Alex’s last name as “Versus?” Like Alex Versus [Insert problem/enemy making life hard for him that day/week months].

Yeah, apparently it was a really common thing. It seemed to really annoy him as well – I got his name wrong once in the early days and it got a definite eye-roll. I think it particularly gets on his nerves because it’s one of those things that our more clueless customers would ask him at the store. “Alex versus who?” Now that I’ve had people calling me “Vester”, I’m starting to know how he felt.

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  1. Luisa says:

    Maybe it’s because English isn’t my first language, but I can’t believe I never thought of “versus”, it’s hilarious.

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