Ask Luna #163

From: Warner

Hello Luna

Would you say that all the legends and myths and fairytales regarding magic have a grain of truth to them?
I ask because recently I was rereading Harry Potter, and when I got to the Prisoner of Azkaban I realized that the Marauder’s Map sounds eerily like an imbued item…an object that somehow knows where every single person in Hogwarts is and WHO they actually are, no matter what form they are wearing. I actually find it a bit scary.
Do you think such an item exists?
Do you think there are other mages out there writing their life stories disguised as fantasy authors?

Myths and legends are all over the place. Some are actually really accurate. Some are way-out-there crazy. Most are somewhere in between. Bits of truth, mixed up with a lot of exaggeration and stuff that’s made up.

Imbued items tend to spark legends more than anything else, for some reason. Always found it kind of funny. I think it’s the “winning the lottery” fantasy – the idea that out of all the people out there, it just happens to be you who picks up this special thing that can make all your wishes come true. Or that’s the fantasy, anyway. The people who actually do find one usually learn differently pretty fast.

From: Eric

So Anne mentioned Richard had two new enforcers, the silent air type seems to be the mage Chamois that Alex went up against during the White Rose incident and the other one was a radiation mage named Tenebrous. Do you know anything about him? I only ask because I did a Google search and this is the first result.

Now aside from that individual being a slightly better looking Sagash, do mages ever get made fun of for having mage names or personality traits that are akin to pop culture super villains?

He’s a radiation mage. Looks like a cloud of black void – light manipulation so that you can’t see him or anything around him. Sort of like a human-shaped hole in the air. He’s not as scary as Vihaela or Morden, but he’s not someone you want to mess with either.

And no, they tend not to get made fun of for pop culture names. Mostly because mages are so out of touch that they wouldn’t have a clue what’s current in pop culture anyway. Adepts are another story.

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hi Luna,

I have some fairly easy questions for you today.

After you rebuilt and reopened the Arcana Emporium did Alex’s suppliers for one shot items and used and weaker focuses get in touch with you or vice versa?

2.Are you selling those types of items along with the new age stuff?

3. Has anyone offered you any magical items that are more interesting (more dangerous) than one shot items, even if you can’t really talk about specifics right now?

3. Alex sometimes states that he uses a thread of his magical ability to activate a one shot item. Can you do that too or does your curse make using such items problematic? (And gate stones too.)

4. Final Question of the day: Back when you were an apprentice and Morden was elevated to the Junior Council, there must have been some type of official announcement by the Light Council. Something that would have been posted that students could read or a verbal
announcement made by one of your teachers.

At some point, the Light Council will have to fill the late Sal Sarque’s position on the Senior Council. Do you know if the Light Council makes a more public announcement about these types of changes? Something to inform independent mages or any dark mage who might care to know?

That’s your idea of easy?

1. I had to get in touch with them. It wasn’t too hard, though, since Alex had introduced me to them a while back. Maybe he was preparing things.

2. Nah, I don’t see much point. I’ll hook someone up if they ask for it specifically and have a good reason, but it takes too much time to bulk-order those things.

3. Yes.

3. Yup, I figured out how to do that a while back. I think I do it very differently from him though.

4. Actually, no, they don’t really do those kinds of announcements. Not to people who aren’t in the club, anyway. Light mages might have something like that.

From: Leslie

[I am a book behind.]
Our crew of mages–Alex, Anne, Luna, and Vari–all seem to go by usual English names. Yet Luna does have a mage name, that no one seems to use. Anne, however, is addressed as Mage Walker. Should she have selected a name, or is she satisfied with this, which seems to be imposed upon her by others?

She really should have selected a name by now, yeah. Actually, a long time ago. She didn’t because . . . well, she’s got her own issues with the Council. And Dark mages as well.

I’ve talked to her about it, but she won’t budge. She doesn’t look like it, but Anne can be really stubborn. If it’s something she seriously cares about, you aren’t going to change her mind. I think that’s why she doesn’t want to take a mage name in the first place. She feels it’d be like giving in.

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