Ask Luna #164

From: please save Anne!

Hi Luna,
I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to say that I’m really proud of you, and how you have overcome all the problems you were dealt with.
I have some questions (not about politics, or different magic types, or whether you like Alex), and I will try to make them short, because I know how annoying it is to read 2 page questions.

Okay, way too many of these to do them in one block, so let’s go one by one.

1. Have you kept in touch at all with Anne? She told Alex that you can call her if you want to.

Briefly. It hasn’t gone well.

2. Now that you can control your curse, have you been able to spend time with your family again?

It’s not spending time with them that’s the problem. It’s doing it without them thinking I’m crazy. That’s . . . something I’m still working on.

3. Has it been hard running the shop, given how close you are to Alex now that he’s the most wanted man in Britain?


4. How is Karyos doing?

Oh, that’s at least one thing that’s going well. Fully recovered, and she’s getting her memories back.

5. Have you kept in touch with anyone from the apprenticeship program? What is Celia doing? What about that other girl, Natasha?

Not too much. I stay in touch with one or two, but our lives have gone in really different directions.

6. When Alex first met you he thought you were somewhere between a sensitive and an adept, but you managed to become a Mage! Were you aware of any other adepts/sensitives/normals in the program, or are there any stories of such individuals who were able to pass as powerful mages?

That one’s too long to answer, sorry!

7. Alex has mentioned that most mages discover their powers as teens. Have you ever heard of any stories of mages discovering their powers later in their life?

A few. Not many. It’s usually connected to something really weird happening. Teens is the usual.

8. What happened to Selene? I hope she is doing ok.

Well, last I saw of her she was fine physically, but other than that . . . let’s just say I don’t think her relationship with Kyle is going to last.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to visit the shop one day!

From: Erin

Okay so how do you feel now that you know Richard’s magic type? Must be a relief just because of the fanbase asking you about it nonstop!

Now this is kinda of moot now that we know but in the past was Richard being a death mage in the realm of possibility? He seems to like to hear himself talk like Morden does it’s almost like they are on the same wavelength if that makes sense. Was there anything that disqualified this as a possible type?

It makes a really nice change, yes.

We never thought Richard was a death mage. Death mages tend to make a lot of waves, if you know what I mean – you never hear about a death mage who kept his magic type a secret, it just doesn’t happen. It’s the most blatant out of all the living family magic types. Yeah, he does seem to be close to Morden, but you don’t have to have the same magic type to be friends with someone.

From: jamescagney22

Have you guys ever thought about some of the real reasons Richard chose Alex as an apprentice? I only ask because with the others Richard seemed to be exploiting their egos to get what he wanted, Tobruk being the typical thug type like Onyx and Shireen and Rachel’s resentment at being treated different by mage society because they were women. With Alex it seemed like Richard really wanted him to become stronger and sure it seemed at first Richard was playing him, by ostensibly using Alex’s loneliness and lack of a father figure for his own ends but unlike the others Alex has became a powerful force in his own right even before the Fateweaver. When he turned against him with Katherine, Richard didn’t kill him, and apparently used that as a lesson for Alex to become stronger which he did and killed Tobruk.

Now I know getting inside a mage as twisted as Richard may be self defeating but could it be possible that Richard actually wanted and perhaps still does, Alex as his Chosen/successor? I think a lot of people assumes Richard is this master planner who plays everyone but could it be simply he wants to leave a legacy?

Now that Alex has figured out Richard at least enough to stop being manipulated by him he could use that against Richard, because giving someone three chances indicates to me there is something personal behind it.

I hope this isn’t an exercise in futility just wanted to give you guys a possible opening on the off chance this suggestion could help.

I wouldn’t have thought so before, but a couple of things have happened lately that have made me think twice. Let’s just say that the ‘wanting to leave a legacy’ thing might not be so far off base after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s going to succeed at it. But it would explain a few of the weirder things he’s done/said.

From: Carmel

Hi Luna,

This might be outside your area of expertise, but I still want to ask it.

Morden looks like he is somewhere in his 30s, but timeline wise, he’s implied to be a older.

Similarly Helikaon looks like he’s in his 60s, but he flat out says he is 83.

Do you know if mages actually age differently? Or do you suspect they’re consciously seeking out ways to prolong their lifespans?

😉 Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into this.


Life extension magic. There are a lot of ways to do it, but pretty much all of them end up with you looking younger than you are (sometimes much younger). The catch is that most of them have a diminishing returns thing going on, so you have to put in more and more for less and less.

Or so I’m told. Not something I have to think about, thankfully.

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