Ask Luna #171

From: Kevin

1. Have you or Alex ever talked to Hermes with the dreamstone? Do you understand him like you would a human or is and have you learned anything different about him?

2. Has Vari adjusted his fighting style/magic since he got his mage name? I heard he changed his sword and he also started using regular fire instead of heat blasts, is he changing his style after learning from Landis or is he just expanding his move-set so to speak.

1. Alex has. He understands him pretty well, though they seem to get on more of an emotional level. I don’t think Hermes really ‘talks’ in the way that we do.

2. Nope. The name’s just a name as far as he’s concerned. He doesn’t treat it as anywhere near as much of a big deal as most Light or Dark mages do. Don’t know whether it’s Alex’s influence or Landis’s.

From: Chuck

Hey, Luna!
I’m sorry if someone asked this already – I wasn’t able to check through all the archives, so if they did, apologies! Have you and Alex ever discussed whether Deleo’s mask could be an imbued object, and if so, what it does? It seems to have some sort of effect on her mind beyond what a simple mask would do. I realize there’s probably no way to be sure… Also, if it is, do you think that Arachne might have made it for her or Richard, and why?


Really really unlikely. Imbued items are pretty much the opposite of subtle – they radiate so much power that even sensitives can spot them from the other side of a room (not in an ‘oh, that’s a magic item’ way, more of a ‘what the hell is that?’ way). Mages can spot them through a brick wall. And Alex’s magesight is better than most – there is no way he could look straight at an imbued item for that long and not figure out what it was.

You do get the occasional imbued item that has some capability to hide or shield itself, but they’re not all that common. And it’s hard to imagine Deleo doing that good a job of keeping it secret. So I’m pretty sure that Deleo changing her personality when she puts on a mask has got nothing to do with the mask and everything to do with her.

From: Kevin

Hey Luna I noticed that Alex seems to in terms of magic have a lot of traits in common with time magic since he seemed get along with Sonder and the auxiliary mage Abeyance well enough. And it kinda of seemed like space magic overlaps with time magic in terms of them being analytical/book smart for lack of a better word.

So my question is have you noticed personality traits that diviners, time, and space mages have in common and what traits makes them noticeable different from each other. Not looking for an in depth analysis just obvious stuff.

They tend to be ‘smart guy/girl’ types – intelligent, analytical, read a lot, that kind of thing. The kind who’d be in the chess club rather than the sports team. Beyond that, it probably varies too much to pin down.

From: Nate

You once mentioned that you’d find a Alex/Vari slash fic funny well…
What do you think Alex/Vari’s reaction would be upon reading this?

Oh god my eyes.

Okay, I’ve changed my mind about it being funny. It feels REALLY wrong reading this stuff about people you actually know.

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