Forged Release Week!

Well, after a long, long wait, we’re nearly there!  Forged will be out in paper, ebook, and audiobook format in the US and Canada four days from now, on the 24th!

The non-US edition will be released a week later, on December 1st, and I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA two days later, on the 3rd.  

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7 Responses to Forged Release Week!

  1. Jason Enberg says:


  2. Syzygy says:

    Can hardly wait for this!

  3. Zoë says:

    So excited to find out what happens next!

  4. Celia says:

    Yay!!! Already pre-ordered in ebook and audiobook! So excited.

  5. Kurt Von Bosse says:


  6. Silke says:

    I always wondered what’s the difference between the us edition and non us edition. I think there are some spelling issues but it’s still the same language. This thing always felt a bit odd to me.

  7. Doris says:

    I am waiting sooooo hard! About the audiobook: will there be an audible version as well? I love the reader, really brings out the characters for me!

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