Ask Luna #175

From: Banarok

Hello Luna!

Just curious about the shop, since mage society don’t seem to care much about property rights and such who actually own the store on paper?

If you did Alex gift it to you and where did the funds to rebuild it come from?

What’s the most valuble item in the shop, that’s actually for sale?

The shop was Alex’s at first. After I rebuilt it and he was spending all his time in the War Rooms, he transferred it over to me. I would have been okay with sharing, so him doing that was the point at which I realised that no, he definitely wasn’t coming back. As for the funds . . . pretty sure I shouldn’t be admitting to that on paper.

The most valuable thing that’s actually for sale would be one of the focuses. I’ve got a small collection on the right hand-shelf by the counter. I don’t keep price tags on them since it’s a case of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”. Seriously, though, I hardly ever sell the things – all the turnover comes from the regular stock. But there are some side benefits to having genuine focuses out on the shelf, even if they’re not very good focuses.

From: Julian

Hi! so,three questions i have are:
1)can a magic user have a “place of power”,where his magic is stronger
if he stays there?
2)is it all possible to use magic to take someone and give them skills,like making an non athletic person good at football?
3)Are there any truth in the Irish legend of an Salmon who is extrememly intelligent and is older than humanity,coud sucha magical creature exist?
thank you for your time.

1) Yes, there are various rituals that do it – mages call the powered-up result a sanctum. Some people claim you don’t even need a ritual, if you keep using a place for enough years then it just naturally adapts to you. I’m not sure it’s true though.
2) Kind of. Mind mages can do it in theory, but I think there are so many problems that it usually ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. Of course, if you’re willing to get creative, there are other ways. I could make you amazing at football, so long as you didn’t expect it to last.
3) I mean, I’ve never heard of it, but I can’t see any reason it’s impossible? Why a salmon, though . . .

From: James

Hey Luna since a lot of the people who read the series are from the United States I was wondering if they had any unique mage traits, and or if you get along with them as well as people in the UK?

Also are they any unique qualities about British mages you have seen compared to ones in other countries?

I’ve met a few US mages. Haven’t noticed that they have any specific magic traits, though they do tend to be a bit more blatant with their magic than I’m used to. I get on with them well enough, haven’t noticed anything very strong one way or another.

I’m not sure what British mages are actually like, but for some reason, American mages seem to think we’re all really cultured and polite. Which I find weird, personally, since I’m not at all sure I’m either of those things, but who knows . . .

From: Brian D Walton

Hello Luna,

Do you happen to know the recipe for the elderflower and lime cordial that Anne made and mentioned in Chosen, Chapter 1? If so, would you mind sharing it with us? That sounded delicious, and I’d love to try it.

It was very delicious. Unfortunately, Anne was the one who knew how to make it, and Anne’s . . . not doing that kind of thing any more. I’m not sure we’re ever getting any more of it.

From: Andrew

Hi Luna,

I’m interested in hybrid mages and what some of the odder magical combinations might be. What’s the strangest and/or most unusual combination of abilities you’ve ever heard of one mage possessing? Are there any fire mages who have a knack for mind magic or ice mages who can use timesight? What’s the oddest combo you’ve ever heard of?

There aren’t any odd combos.  At least not from their point of view.  This is one of those things that most people don’t seem to get about hybrids – there isn’t actually such a thing as a ‘hybrid’, not really.  

See, when people hear the word ‘hybrid’, they think it’s like taking two different things and mixing it together.  Like, you take a bunch of spells from the ‘fire’ bucket, and a bunch of spells from the ‘mind’ bucket, like you’re at a sweet shop, and you mix and match until you have what you want.  That’s not how it works.  A better way to think of it is as a circular colour spectrum, like this.  Each mage is a little circle or oval on that spectrum, and they have the ability to use the magic within that tiny little area.  Now, maybe one end of that oval is a sort of green-blue, and the other end is a sort of blue-green, but there’s no one point at which it stops being green and starts being blue – they just blend into one another.  

That’s how ‘hybrid’ mages work.  From their point of view, the spells they use are all the same type of magic – THEIR type.  It’s other people who call them hybrids, because they don’t fit into the other people’s way of naming things.  But just because they name things that way, that doesn’t make them right.

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