Favours Amazon Release

As promised, Favours is now available on Amazon!  You can buy it from the Amazon US and the Amazon UK Kindle Stores.  The novella is already available from my website in a Kindle-friendly .mobi version, but I know some people prefer to use Amazon’s delivery system rather than downloading the file themselves.

On the subject of downloading files, my website store has now been up for a week and it’s gone . . . pretty well, actually!  There were a lot of teething troubles, since it’s the first time I’ve actually done the tech work of setting up an online commerce platform, but I think at this point I’ve ironed out most of the issues.  Oh, and speaking of issues, thanks to those people who pointed out typos.  Favours has been updated to version 1.1 with the main errors fixed.

The sales for Favours have been quite decent.  Obviously they’re nowhere near the sales of my novels, but then my novels are released in both paper and ebook versions on hundreds of platforms across dozens of countries with the benefit of my publishers’ marketing and distribution networks.  By contrast, the only people who know about Favours are the ones who read this website, so the only way people will find out about it is if it spreads virally.  Still, I think given time, there’s a decent chance that that’ll happen, and if it does then there’ll be more Alex Verus short stories and novellas to come.

For now, though, Favours is pretty much done with, and I think it’s time I got down to the hard work of writing the new series.  I’m hoping to get properly started by the end of the month.

Also, thank you for those who attended and contributed questions to the German book fair on Saturday!  The Zoom meeting format made it very relaxed and easy to do, so I’ll definitely be happy to go back for similar events.

As regards the blog, now that the release of Favours is over, we’re going back to my author commentaries – next week will be the commentary on the big planning book of the Alex Verus series, Hidden.  After that I’ve got a few Ask Luna posts to catch up on, as well as the cover reveals for the release of Risen in December.  See you all then!

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  1. Bob says:

    Any sneak peaks at the new series? What do you have in mind? Totally new characters or exposition and story of an already known character like Cinder or other members of the Alex Verus World? Have you thought about going back in time and look at the Mage War and the backstory to Arachne or Abithriax?

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