New Alex Verus Novella

Well, we’re finally done with the ending commentaries!  Now that that’s over, I think this is a good time for a general update.

My new novel in my new series is (still) with my publishers – it’s been with them for 3 months at this point.  The good news is that contracts are signed and we’ve got a publication date.  The bad news is that the publication date isn’t until Autumn 2023, and my publishers also seem to feel that since the publication date’s so far off in the future, there’s no need for them to rush, so I’ve yet to hear anything back from them.  This is annoying, since I really need for the first book to be finalised before I can write the second, which means that until I at least get the first-round edits back and can agree with my publishers on what the book’s content will be, I can’t properly start work on book 2.  This delays the series as a whole, and unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to speed this up.

On the positive side, this does mean I have a bit of spare time, so I’ve started work on a new Alex Verus novella!  This is the one that I was hoping to do back in the spring but which got pushed back by the rewrite – as it turns out, it’s getting written after all.

While the previous novella, Favours, took place in the middle of the series (between books 6 and 7), this novella will be a sort of “mini-sequel”, more like an extra epilogue, and will take place about 4-5 months after the end of Risen.  It features three existing characters from the main series – Alex, Anne, and Talisid – though one of those three has a much bigger role than the other two.  At first I was expecting the novella to be a similar length to Favours, which came in at about 20,000 words, but this one seems to be turning into something much longer – at the time that I’m writing this post (18 September) it’s up to 21,000 words already and I’m nowhere near the end.  If I had to guess it’s probably going to land in the 30,000 to 35,000 range, so about 1/3rd as long as a full Alex Verus novel.  I’m hoping to finish in a couple of weeks or so.

Once the novella’s done I’ll send it out to my beta readers and give it a proper edit and polish, then I’ll package it and make it available in the same way that I did Favours.  Though looking at the relative number of copies of Favours that I sold on my website versus Amazon, this time I might just use Amazon (they have a special program that gives you some bonuses if you sell a book only on their platform).  But I’ll decide that nearer the time.

Anyway, I think that covers everything for now.  More news on the novella next week, at which point I should have a better idea of likely length.  At the moment I’m aiming to release the finished version sometime around late October.  Publishing is harder work when you have to do everything yourself, but it’s also a lot faster!

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9 Responses to New Alex Verus Novella

  1. B. says:

    Hurray! Sounds like the waiting for the novella will be worth it ;o)

    Autumn 23 is still far away though. I guess I will be training my patience for that one…

  2. Celia says:

    Can’t wait to read the mega novella! I’m excited to see how Talisid takes the news that Anne and Alex are still alive. Somehow I’m guessing he already knows. The man does have his sources of info! Hopefully he carries less of a grudge against Alex than Caldera – I mean, HE didn’t get hit by a truck. 😉

  3. James says:

    Sounds great. Something to tide me over until Wax and Wayne 4 😀

  4. Deborah smith says:

    Great news. Talisid was always a fascinating character and I would love to learn more about him.
    I miss Alex and his friends, -and honestly, his enemies as well. I still find Richard intriguing and would love to hear more of what happened in his years off world.

  5. Michael says:

    I hope all the novellas will come out in a collected print edition eventually – I’m buying the eBooks anyway 🙂

    Fingers crossed for the new series.

  6. Celia says:

    I would love a collected edition of the novellas too… I admit my main interest would be because that makes an audiobook edition more likely… ideally read by Gildart Jackson or Mr. Jacka. 😉

  7. Jonas Birk says:

    Definitely going to buy it!

  8. Locnil says:

    Glad to hear that we’re finally going to see the veil pulled back on Talisid.

  9. John says:

    Personally I would love it if you made it available here too, but I recognise I’m in the minority and it’s a bit much to ask to give up potentially significant financial incentives to cater for the relatively small number who don’t like to deal with Amazon.

    But I’m looking forward to the novella, and the new series!

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