Novellas and Spaceships

Busy week today.  My new Alex Verus novella is moving steadily along – current word count is 26,000 and we’re getting close to the end.  I’m hoping to finish the first draft in another week or so.

And unrelatedly, the computer game I did some writing for, Terra Invicta, is finally out in Early Access on Steam.  I haven’t been directly involved in that for quite a while now (I did the writing last year, then dropped out of contact with the developers as I was spending all my time on the new book instead) so I’m kind of curious to see what it’ll look like.

More news next Friday.

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2 Responses to Novellas and Spaceships

  1. GregorV says:

    Terra Invicta is absolutely mind-blowing! It’s simulation of everything, it’s way more complex than running an actual state

  2. Peter Davies says:

    Echo that the game is fantastic, and the writing is very fine. Alongside Benedict I recognised Alec Meer’s name among the writers.

    Don’t load it up unless you plan on having a lot of free time though; it’s a very time hungry game.

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