Inheritance of Magic – Release Timeline

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch of my new series, so here’s the timeline for what’ll be happening over the next four months!

  • 7th July:  On this Friday I’ll be putting up Chapter 1 of An Inheritance of Magic here on this site.  I usually aim to put up extracts two or three months before a book’s release – in this case I’m doing it a little earlier to give me time to fit in the worldbuilding articles (see below).
  • 14th July – 4th August:  Over the course of these four weeks I’m planning to put out the first four worldbuilding articles for my new series.  For those of you who remember, these will be roughly equivalent to the early Encyclopaedia Arcana articles that I did back in 2012.  As I discussed on this site a while back, my plan is to have these articles expand on and further explain elements of the setting, but only ones that were introduced in Chapter 1, so if you’ve read Chapter 1, you should be able to go ahead and read these without fear of spoilers.
  • 18th August On this Friday I’ll be posting up An Inheritance of Magic, chapter 2.  While I think Chapter 1 of An Inheritance of Magic works quite well as a self-contained introduction, putting up Chapter 2 as well lets me show off a few other new things and give you a better idea of what the new world is like.
  • 25th August – 29th September During this period I’ll put up some further worldbuilding articles – as before, they shouldn’t contain any spoilers not already covered in Chapters 1 & 2.  These will probably also be interspersed with some newsposts and early reviews.
  • 5th October An Inheritance of Magic is released in the UK and worldwide!  It’ll be a hardback edition for the first UK release – American readers will have to make do with paperback only.
  • 10th October An Inheritance of Magic is released in the US and Canada!  As usual, the audio edition should be released around the same time.
  • 17th October As is tradition, I’ll be doing an Ask Me Anything question-and-answer session on r/fantasy.  Since it’s a full week after release (more for those not from North America) it should give people time to have read the new book and come up with some questions.

And that’s it!  It’s been a long wait to get to this point, so I’m quite excited to be finally getting to the launch.  Hope you guys will enjoy it!

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2 Responses to Inheritance of Magic – Release Timeline

  1. Celia says:

    Can’t wait! Love your AMA’s. 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Looking forward so much to the new book! Thanks for outlining the plan.

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