Worldbuilding Articles Poll: Results

Okay, results are in for the poll on the Beginner’s Guide to Drucraft articles!  Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

I’d originally been planning to start off with the articles on the various branches, going through them in order – Light, Matter, Motion, etc.  However, reading through your responses, the overwhelming winner for what everyone was most interested to see was actually the articles on limits.  Which makes sense now that I think about it, but wasn’t something that would have occurred to me on my own.  So I’m going to change my original plan and do the series of articles on the Five Limits first.

The branches come in at joint second place, tied with articles on the Houses and on limiters (again, I wouldn’t have guessed the last one).  So I’ll do those next.  There’s a bit more interest in the more esoteric branches (like Dimension and Primal) than in the simpler ones (like Light and Matter) but not hugely so, so I’ll probably work through the branches in order.  However, I think I might leave the sigl articles for later, since 6 articles on the branches is quite a lot on its own without doing another 6 (at least) to give even a very brief overview of sigl types.

Third in the priority list are Country Affinities, Corporations, and the articles on advanced sensing/channelling/shaping, so they’ll come afterwards.  Sigl Fashion, The Exchange, and Measuring Scales come in as the fourth group, which isn’t too much of a surprise (honestly, I’m surprised an article on “Measuring Scales” got as many votes as it did).

So current rough order is likely to be:

  1. Limits (overview, then 5-ish individual articles)
  2. Branches (6 individual articles)
  3. Houses (2-3 individual articles)
  4. Limiters (probably only 1 article)

2, 3, and 4 may be shuffled around, depending on what I feel like, but given how much interest there was in the Five Limits, they’re definitely getting covered first.  In any case, this comes to around 15 articles, so this’ll definitely keep me busy for quite a while!

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6 Responses to Worldbuilding Articles Poll: Results

  1. Celia says:

    The limits do sound really interesting. How’s book 3 going? 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Very good news on this and book three, love the way the titles are going so far, with Alex Verus it was one word, now we got three!

    And quick question are the Sigl types for the branches something else other than the different subtypes of the Drucraft branches?

    If so that is more information which us world building fanatics love thanks for doing these articles they are really fascinating!

    • Benedict says:

      The sigl articles are going to be basically an expanded explanation of the things that can be done with the various branches.

  3. Nick says:

    Many thanks for taking Time-Out to provide this background information. Looking forward to the 5-Limits details and all the others too! There looks to be quite a lot of work there so I hope that you’re not providing these at the expense of Book 3 & and good luck in topping-off Chapter 3!

  4. Andrew says:

    I’d be interested in an article on Drucraft in Religion.

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