Spring into Summer

Quick update on how things are going:

• First draft of Inheritance of Magic #3 is now 2/3rds finished.  I’m hoping to finish the last 1/3rd with about another 2 months of work, meaning that it’ll be done by the end of July.  A little past my deadline, but not too far.  In any case, barring any disasters it’ll definitely be done by the end of summer.

• Next on the to-do list for the Beginner’s Guide to Drucraft is (1) limiters and (2) a more detailed overview of the branches and the effects that can be produced with them.  Number (2) is a pretty huge topic, so I don’t know if I’ll do it all in one go – might do a couple of branches, then take a break and do something else.  Currently planning to do the limiters article for next week’s post.

• The UK cover for Inheritance of Magic #2, An Instruction in Shadow, is nearly ready for release!  I’ve looked at the early drafts and really like it – currently just waiting for Orbit UK to do their official cover launch, at which point I’ll post it up here.  Release date is about four months from now, in October 2024, and I’ll put up at least one extract in the summer.

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5 Responses to Spring into Summer

  1. Jason Enberg says:

    Nice! I’m excited to see that. I checked and was happy to see its available for preorder now on some sites. I don’t recall if you have mentioned it here or X. I’m excited that its only a few months away. Seems like it hasn’t been too long since book one and book two is just around the corner! Very exciting. Finally get some relief from your book one cliffhanger. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Great news on the writing, I guess that it is starting to ‘flow’ better (or could it be that all this rain is keeping you indoors?)

    Very much looking forward to the article on limiters and also the information on just what can be made in the various branches of drucraft too.

    Seeing the Book#2 front cover will be nice as well, but what we all are waiting for is the contents. I’m glad that you’ll be giving us a early taster of what #2 contains (August?) as this is likely to get me over the “Hello Mum” cliffhanger!

  3. Nick says:

    I like the word limiters! Originally (?) used to describe a method whereby you would limit or constrain the Essentia to shape the Sigl that you wanted to make.

    However, it could also signify that the main-stream Sigls would be restricted to only those for which there were limiters available and maybe supress/reduce the number of non-standard/specialist items on the market at the Exchange?

    • Benedict says:

      The limiters article actually ended up much longer than I’d been expecting, so I’ve ended up splitting it into two. First part, next Friday, will cover manifesting (to explain how you create a sigl WITHOUT a limiter) and the second part, two Fridays after that, will cover limiters, what they are, and how they’re used.

      • Nick says:

        That sounds like a lot of work especially when added to finishing off the last chapters in Book#3 (any thoughts on title for that yet?). No mention of holidays/breaks – I hope that, with the slightly slower progress with Book#3, you’re still planning to have some “you” time.

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