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Ask Luna #128

From: Robert So I am sorry if this is a stupid set of questions but do you know what dispersion dust and a revivfy are supposed to do? That latter one seems to be some sort of healing item but … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #127

From: Colin Do you think that if Alex chose to bond with the Jinn he would have gained similar abilities to Anne, or would it be a more case by case basis? I don’t think that weird life magic she … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #126

From: Leo Have you heard any theories from the Light Council or any other mages about where and why Richard had been missing for over a decade? I doubt it is correct but I was just curious how someone of … Continue reading

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Twenty-One Years

Twenty-one years ago, I started my first novel.   It wasn’t meant as a novel, at least not to begin with – it was just a story.  I was still in school at the time, and I’d started and abandoned … Continue reading

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