One week to Chosen!

chosenUS100Chosen, the fourth book in the Alex Verus series, will be released in the US one week from today, on the 27th.  (UK readers will have to wait till September 5th, sorry!)

The author copies have all arrived and are sitting in piles around my room.  I ought to take a picture of them while I remember.  🙂  In the meantime I’m supposed to be editing Alex Verus #5!

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5 Responses to One week to Chosen!

  1. Hey! How do the Americans get it first.
    You’re own country should get first dibs.

  2. You’d think that, but . . .

  3. Sorry UK fans, but this happy American will be looking for it next week. Yay!

  4. Don’t post spoilers then!!!!

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