Ask Luna #16

From: Dan

Hey Luna, can space Mages create shields? and can life Mages use focus weapons to increase their death touch range? Thats all thanks.

No, and no.  

From: Dan

Sorry one more thing,could we have an Encyclopaedia entry on Mage power, what affects it, what limits it and how it can be made stronger.

That’s kind of a vague question.  ‘Power’ can mean a lot of things.  Generally it’s just like strength in any other area – what you start with is a lottery, but you can train it up with work and practice.  

From: Dan

Hey Luna I have another question I hope its not a silly one? You have said that other chance Mages can negate your curse’s effects, could a probability Mage also negate the effects by seeing when they’re going to be hurt and avoiding it.

A probability mage can negate just about any attack, in theory.  Doesn’t always work that way in practice – just because you can see something coming doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do anything about it.   

From: Dan

Dude.  Just put your questions in ONE email.  This is all going to my email account you know.

Hey I have another question about space magic. Do you know what a Space Mage can see? I mean Fire Mages can see infrared and Divination Mages see the future but what do space Mages see? 

Space mages see the same thing as everyone else, but they can shift their point of vision.  It’s called scrying.

By the way I think that space magic is the most interesting and useful magic. What do you think Luna? 😉

You have a thing for space magic?  Gosh, I hadn’t noticed. 

From: Dan

One last question about Space Mages (I think). 

What a surprise.

Can space Mages create miniature black holes? (Here’s the Wikipedia article 

If so this would give them the ability to basically create nuclear explosions of almost any size. Making them the most potentially destructive of all magic types.

What is it with some guys and wanting to blow everything up?

Okay, just out of morbid curiosity, I actually skimmed that article.  Here are the bits that jumped out at me:   

“minimum energy is 1019 GeV”
“far beyond the limits of any current technology”

Now I’m no scientist, but to me that sounds a lot like “no, you can’t have one”.  The fact that the UK doesn’t get blown up on a regular basis by nuclear explosions whenever mages get into an argument could also be taken as kind of a hint.  

From: Dan

Luna if you have the time could we please have an encyclopaedia entry on each of the more common hybrid types. Ice, Storm, Snow and Shape Shifting would be great. Thanks 🙂

Sure, I’ll pull them up right now . . . oh wait, I can’t, because I’m spending all my time answering your questions.  

From: Dan

Hey luna, sorry for bogging up your Inbox but this has been on my mind. Is there anything that is resistant to magic? That negates magic or cannot be affected by it?

If you’re looking for something really resistant, your capacity to take hints might be a good place to start.  Doesn’t look like anything’s getting through that.

From: Claire

I just realised the other day on my way to work that Morden (the evil villain who kidnapped Alex, threatened everyone with a slow and painful death and was generally a bit of a bad egg) shares his name with a station on the Northern Line. I realise this doesn’t actually count as a question but I just thought I’d point it out. Did anyone else notice that? Maybe his parents decided to do that thing where they name the child after where it was conceived, or maybe they just didn’t like him very much. Either way it can’t have made school very easy, that’s probably why he became a raging psychopath!  I know I’ve probably wasted a question but, hey, if it means that I’ve managed to make a complete psycho feel slightly uncomfortable then surely it’s worth it.

While the idea of a tiny little six-year-old Morden crying in the playground because the other kids were bullying him about his name is hilarious, I’m going to have to burst your bubble.  Mages take a new name when they hit journeyman status (if they’re Light) or get Chosen (if they’re Dark).  They pick the name themselves, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Morden’s called Morden because he wants to be.  

Dark mages tend to be touchy about their names – they do not like getting called by their birth name.  Alex told me a story about someone last year who decided to call Deleo by her first name when she was in a bad mood, and it really didn’t end well.  

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