Ask Luna #27

From: Cyberjaeger

Hey luna just some more ques

1. alex says that vampires where all wiped out but that space mage from the tournament learned his life extension technique from one how is that possible

2. did you ever find the guy that gave the nightstalkers their info on alex

3. are creature like the fair folk real

4. are places like avalon real hell was merlin real

5. was atlantis real

sorry for taking up so much of your time

That is a REALLY random selection of things to ask. Why do you want to know this stuff, again? Oh well, guess I can treat it as revision for my next set of exams.

1. If you’re talking about Vitus, I seriously doubt he learnt it from a vampire directly. From how Alex explained it, right at the end of the vampire wars the mages took a few prisoners and spent a while interrogating them, and the rituals got passed down from there. Given the side effects, I can see why Vitus’ way of doing it never really caught on. There might be better versions of the ritual out there, though . . . nice cheery thought.

2. We never got a definite answer, but Alex and I spent a while talking about it afterwards. We decided that we were looking for someone who had a lot of links to adepts, and who didn’t like Alex much. And when you put it that way, there’s a really obvious candidate, isn’t there? Though we don’t have any proof.

3. I think so, yeah. Not many left, though, and I’ve never met one.

4. No idea about Avalon, but yeah, Merlin was real. Most of the stories from back then are all legends, though. Haven’t a clue which ones are true.

5. God knows.

From: BlackMAss

I wonder have the dark mages ever tried to make their own group similar to the council also how did the ally together during the gate ruin war

Another thing who was the first dark mage and did he creat the true path

Okay, guys, no offence, but spellcheck is a thing. It’d be a lot easier to read these questions if you ran them through MS Word or something first.

As for Dark mage history . . . yeesh, you don’t ask the easy questions, do you? When I started doing this, I was worried I was going to get questions about creepy personal stuff. Instead I keep getting asked about things that happened God knows how long before I was even born. Maybe I ought to find one of the nerdier students from the apprentice programme and get them to do it for me. I mean, I’m not exactly top of my class in this stuff.

But okay, okay, Dark mages. Um . . . first one was some guy called Morthalion, I think. That was back in Syriathis, there are a bunch of legends about him. As for them making their own groups, yeah, I think that’s happened a few times, though I don’t know what happened afterwards.

And I have no idea how they allied during the Gate Rune War, sorry. That’d be one for my history teachers.

From: Nightsbridge

Can wizards work together to blend their disciplines into spells, or is casting an entirely solitary endeavor? Could a time mage and a space mage get together and figure out how to scry a distant location’s past?

Finally one I know something about (more from Alex than from classes, but whatever). Yep, you can blend magic types, there’s a whole field of ritual magic designed specifically to do it. It takes a bit of work, though, and usually they either need a special focus or they have to have worked together for a while.

Mages don’t do it that often in practice because it’s usually easier to do their spells one after another rather than combining them. Like with your example – yeah, you could have a space mage and a time mage work together to do a timesight-scry. But it’d take a lot of work and it’d be less efficient than either spell on its own. So more likely, the space mage would just gate the time mage to wherever they wanted to go, then get the time mage to do their timesight there.

From what I understand, the big problem with doing those kind of combination spells is that they’re slow. So you can’t do them under pressure, because you wouldn’t get them off in time. You have to do them in some kind of protected area, like with most ritual magic.

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  1. Paul Bellerman says:

    Who do you and Alex think would win in fight. Morden and his Chosen (Onyx) vs Richard and his Chosen (Deleo/Rachel). Or just between Morden and Richard. Thanks.

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