Veiled UK Release!

And finally (for you non-North-Americans) the British and world edition of Alex Verus #6 is here too!


As usual, it’s available in paper or electronic format – oh, and you can also get it in audio.  (That goes for the US version as well, since I forgot to put that up on Tuesday.)

Some more reviews have been coming in, so I’ll post some up tomorrow!

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9 Responses to Veiled UK Release!

  1. Just downloading it now, can’t wait!

  2. So pretty. I love the covers.

  3. Amba Wade says:

    Earlier this year my husband became very seriously ill and was in hospital months. I had to keep things going and look after our little boy as well. What kept me going was re- reading the Alex Verus books during long nights alone and long train journeys to the hospital where he was being treated. They are some of my most favourite books and were a helpful distraction. My husband is well again and home – and today really excited to tell him that the latest in the series has come out. I am trying to snatch moments to read it in between taking care of family and going to work! Loving it so far. Thank you for telling me such brilliant stories.

  4. Amba Wade says:

    And by the way our son is called Alexander – our favourite boy’s name and now an extra-magical one!

  5. I’m halfway through already.

  6. Benedict says:

    Amba: Glad you like them so much, and thanks for the compliment!

  7. Wodden says:

    About a third of the way through and loving it – and already sad that I am a third of the way through!

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