Ask Luna #62

From: JAke

Luna, what’s everyone’s 3 sizes?

Everyone in the world? Go Google it.

From: Jeff

What are the odds that you and Alex will take a holiday in Chicago and cross paths with Harry Dresden?

(*THAT* would be an AWESOME cross-over!)

Everyone seems really fascinated with the idea of Alex bumping into this Harry Dresden guy. I have no idea why.

We’ve been to America before and we’ll likely go again, but the USA’s a big place. It doesn’t seem that likely we’d run into him unless we specifically went out of the way to go to Chicago and look him up.

From: Milly

Luna! Going at odds to know what you did to learn away from the mind that ready the chance to get out and be done. What point to see what was going around to look was due in part ahead? Also, hi!

I’ve read this one three times and I still can’t figure out what the hell you’re talking about. Either you wrote your question via Google Translate or the spam bots are achieving sentience and starting to invade my inbox (at least, more than they already do).

From: master of your fate

If merlin was real what kind of mage was he
also is excalibur real
and if it is would it be an imbued item

At least this one’s in English.

Christ knows what kind of mage Merlin would be. A diviner, maybe? From what I remember of those stories, he mostly just handed out advice and predicted the future. Don’t think he did much shapeshifting or throwing fire around, unless we’re talking the Disney version.

Yes, Excalibur’s real. Kind of. As in, there are several items out there all claimed to be Excalibur. Which one is the real one (and whether any of them are the real one) is another question.

From: BlackMass

even though vampires are extinct could you tell us what abilities they had that were real what were fictional, do u know the names of any prominent vamps, also do you know how vampires as a race were created

Enhanced strength and speed, extended lifespan, low-level mind manipulation, hematophage dependency. That was the basic package, but they got more powerful as they got older. The elders could do much more unpredictable stuff.

Vampires got made by other vampires, out of humans. There was some ritual that turned one into the other. A better question is how the first vampire got made. (I asked a teacher that once. Never got an answer. Alex didn’t know either, but he said that if he had to guess he didn’t think they were natives.)

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