And I’m back in the UK!  Now that I’ve had time to get over the jet lag, I’m enjoying being home again.  I’ve been doing very little for the past few weeks except holidaying and resting – usually after going this long without getting any writing done I’d be feeling restless, but in this case I’m still very much enjoying not having a deadline anymore.  I must have really needed the break.

I’ve been starting to lay out some plans for Alex Verus #9, but it’s pretty sketchy.  I know roughly what I want to happen in books #9 and #10, but the details aren’t set.  There’s no hurry though – I can’t really start making concrete plans for #9 until #8 is finalised, and I’m still waiting to hear back from my editors on book #8.  Once I do, then the work on the next book will be properly underway.  Until then, it’s still holiday season!

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