Copy-Edits Again

Just finishing up the copy-edits for book #9, Marked.  They’re close to done at the time of writing, so by the time you read this, they might very well be complete.  Copy-edits are the last point at which I make significant changes to the book:  once they’re done, the version I send back to my publisher is 99% identical to the version you’ll have in your hands when it finally comes out.  (If you’re curious as to what copy-edits are, I wrote about it here.)

Copy-edits take a while to do, but fortunately they’re relatively easy work and much less stressful than writing or rewriting.  I’ve enjoyed doing them this time – it’s been fun to read back through Marked and see the changes.  I think you guys should enjoy reading this one once it comes out!  

Release date for Marked is July 5th 2018 in the US and UK.

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