Website Cleanup

Some cleanup work on the website for this week – I’ve updated and rearranged the Alex Verus series page.  On a reader’s suggestion, I’ve added a new subheading for the Author Commentaries.  The commentaries were originally intended as a minor side project to pass the time in 2021, but they ended up running to 14 posts and tens of thousands of words, so I figured they deserved their own subsection at last.  I also finally managed to get rid of that annoying bug that made the text overlap, and I’ve updated the FAQ.

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2 Responses to Website Cleanup

  1. Adam Darby says:

    Nice work!!! As always, if you ever want help with the website I’m happy to help!

  2. David Lurie says:

    Could you please; please, please switch from having white text on a black background? It’s incredibly hard to read so I have to force Reader mode on your site, and then turn it off to read or write any comments!

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