Fated: Good Reviews

A very nice featured review from Katherine Petersen at SFSite:

Benedict Jacka will become a favorite for fans of Jim Butcher, Simon Green and/or John Levitt. His recipe for success combines believable and well-developed characters, lots of action, enough suspense to keep one up all night and a new twist on magic. While some of the characters represent black or white, the majority, including our hero, have a lot of gray areas . . . Fated is one of the strongest first books in a series I’ve read in a long time, and a series I will definitely follow to its conclusion. Few writers have mastered the ability to bring so many different types of characters to life so vividly.

And March’s print edition of RT Book Reviews has some good things to say too, though this one isn’t available online just yet:

Jacka gives us a labyrinth-like plot with complex, well-constructed characters.  He does a great job not telling us all about his enigmatic protagonist, but instead giving hints as to what makes him tick.  UF fans will love this unique look at mages both dark and light, as well as other creatures of Jacka’s vivid imagination and a narrative that will put you in a magical frame of mind.  


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