Fated: Return of the Good Reviews

I’m running out of titles for review collection posts, so I think I’ll start going with a film sequel theme.  (I was going to call this one ‘Night of the Living Good Reviews’ but decided not to.)

A short, sweet, and perceptive one from Kiara at Waiting for Fairies:

This book is as slim and subtle and powerful as Alex Verus’ talent. You could even say that Fated is the stiletto of urban fantasies (I just did). It’s an iceberg story: the reader sees just the tip of what is clearly a massive expanse of world-building. I liked it. And I loved Alex, all noble and haunted and conflicted as he was.

Scruffy Fiction has some interesting things in what’s also a very complimentary write-up:

A great first volume in a new series, there are so many elements that show promise and there is plenty to be expanded on in the future . . . I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time in this world.

And saving the best for last, Paul Wiseall from Fantasy Faction has written what I think is my favourite review of Fated yet.  Picks up on lots and lots of things that almost no-one else has noticed, and some really insightful comments.  If you only read one review apart from the Jim Butcher exchange, make it this one!

The Bottom Line: Fated is an excellent example of not just great urban fantasy but also of brilliant story-telling. There is a near perfect mix of everything and it has been masterfully crafted with a meticulous eye for those pieces of humanity that make a great protagonist and a fantastic story.  I am often worried when the first book announces that it is the start of a ‘major new series’ as it always seems a bit presumptuous but with Fated I truly cannot wait to see where Jacka takes Verus next.

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